Reviewed: Waves – Can you say

21 Sep

I’ve been recruited as the unofficial music reviewer for Insomnia Radio: UK , which gives me a chance to flex my literary muscles and listen to some great music as well, as the Insomnia Radio network plays some of the best independent music around!

So here’s my first review, of a band called Waves, and their song ‘Can You Say’.

Italian band Waves apparently only took 10 days to record their album ‘On Air’, which is astonishing as it comes across as a polished and very well produced work. Their sound is epic and ethereal in equal measures, and the album skips through new-wave, rock, a couple of quiet numbers and some good solid pop. They sing in English, and with the slight hint of an Italian accent leaking through the vocals they have a certain charm that I can’t quite explain – you’ll understand when you hear them!

The song that I was given to review impressed me so much that I immediately hopped over to their MySpace page to hear more. The songs on their album are incredibly diverse, and demonstrate a wide-spanning selection of influences and musical tastes within the band. Not all of it works perfectly, and there is sometimes a feeling that they need to decide on a genre and stick to it. My recommendation – stick to songs like ‘Can You Say’; it’s great pop with a new wave sound, mixed with full bodied vocal harmonies, can’t beat it!

Can You Say’ really is the pick of the crop, with a great dirty bass line (dirty in a good way!), solid vocals and choppy delayed guitar making it an interesting and very well constructed song. It has the winning combination of simplistic, pretty quiet verses and epic, full choruses made fuller by some synth strings and lots of lovely layers all over the place. But apart from being technically great, it’s just the sort of song you can imagine filling a stadium full of people and sounding bloody amazing! The only negative I have to say about it is that it fades out, which for a song of this quality doesn’t do it justice, but that’s just me.

Overall, ‘Can You Say’ is a nice solid chunk of pop/rock loveliness that makes me want to either jump around like a nutter, or sit down quietly to appreciate it – I haven’t quite decided, but that can only be good!


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