Reviewed: L’Avventura – ‘Here’s to absent friends’

20 Jan

Listening to this song, it’s hard to believe L’Avventura is a 7-piece from San Fransisco – although it comes as no surprise that they formed on a so-called ‘tube-tour’ in London (busking around the underground, picking up band members as they went!), such is the vast plane of British musical influences present here. The song is a glorious mix of layered Beatles-style vocals, chord structure and backing vocals which hark back to mid-’90s Suede, and an overall feel of Bowie-on-a-particularly-sane-day (but in a good way)! With a fantastically rich texture, great production and smart instrumentation, ‘Here’s to absent friends’ will have the Brits among us longing for musical days gone by, and those across the pond wanting much, much more of this wonderful music!

Reviewed for the Insomnia Radio Daily Dose (21/01/09)


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