Reviewed: Kenelis (Live at @d2, Nottingham)

5 Mar

(This review post is waaay overdue, I was saving it for a possible linkup with an Insomnia Radio: UK episode featuring a song from the band, but it hasn’t happened yet and I’m impatient!)

15/02/09 Nottingham Pride Fundraiser at @d2, Nottingham

Kenelis are headlining Nottingham Pride on 25/07/09

(In classic Sarah M style I forgot my notebook so this review is purely from memory, but from the first song I knew this was something I had to write about. So here goes..)

In a performance well worth venturing out onto the cold, wet streets of Nottingham on a Sunday night for, Kenelis gave the Nottingham Pride crew a taste of things to come. But in contrast to their usual style of loud, crunchy guitars and powerful screaming vocals, the set was acoustic (they basically re-wrote their whole debut album for this night!). It was also brilliant – the transition from heavy to light worked perfectly and displayed a whole different side to the songs.

Mel Sanson (lead vocals) has, honestly, one of the most versatile and moving voices I have heard in a long time, switching from tentative, shy and quiet to screaming anger and back again with such raw emotion that you get pulled into the songs and aurally beaten until you empathise..

But blinding vocals does not a good gig make – you also need a solid rhythm section and some great melodies. Fortunately they had them in bucketfuls; beautifully played lead guitar, and good grounding bass and rhythm parts smushed everything together in a nice big musical confection.

Because of the aforementioned lack-of-notebook I won’t try to regale you with a song-by-song reliving of the performance, but mark my words – if you ever get the chance to see Kenelis live, do it! (Especially if that involves coming to Nottingham Pride ’09!)

Kenelis have won my affections in one killer gig. They are powerful, emotional, passionate and fantastically talented musicians who will blow you away with their great songwriting and raw performances.


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