International Day of Awesomeness: My Tribute to Insomnia Radio

10 Mar

In honour of today’s special celebration, I have taken up the challenge of the day and chosen to write about something that I think epitomises the essence of awesomeness – the Insomnia Radio podcast network. (The fact that I occasionally do reviews for IR:UK has no bearing on my choice, I was a fan before I was a reviewer, honest!)

Not an obvious choice, as I’m sure you’ll agree. These guys don’t stomp around performing Chuck Norris-style feats of awesomeness (at least not as far as I’m aware), nor do they jump through flaming hoops on toy motorbikes, and they don’t have captions. What they do do is a much more subtle form of awesomeness – promoting some of the best and most underexposed independent music from around the world.

From all over the States across to the UK, New Zealand and even Turkey, these unpaid champions of the indie music scene work tirelessly to create shows of consistently kick-arse music for you and I to enjoy. And yes, you heard correctly – unpaid. These dudes take time out of every week to sift through a plethora of The Best Music You’ve Never Heard to find nuggets of aural gold for us to marvel at, and they do it out of the goodness of their music-loving hearts!

So I suggest you skip your way over to, check out the regional shows, subscribe to the IR Daily Dose (one shiny and juicy song every day, lovingly hand-picked by the IR team for your pleasure, for free!), and bathe in the awesomeness that is: free music encased in free podcasts, put together by people who genuinely love it so much they do it for nowt!


2 Responses to “International Day of Awesomeness: My Tribute to Insomnia Radio”

  1. jevangelho April 23, 2009 at 8:41 am #

    Best. Tribute. Ever. Thanks a ton Sarah 🙂

  2. Sarah Morrison April 23, 2009 at 8:51 am #

    Hehe, glad you like it Jason!

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