Reviewed: Lemonwilde – Red Room

21 Mar

Lemonwilde’s 5 song EP Red Room is a triumph, in that it expresses angst without sounding pretentious, emo or boring. In fact it’s quite the opposite: simple, well crafted, beautifully executed and moody as hell.

The vocals are powerful, understated and really quite sexy (think Chris Cornell at his most pensive), and the sparse but varied instrumentation gives the songs a kind of passionate melancholy. And yes I know that doesn’t make sense, but trust me, you’ll understand when you hear it. The mixes are complex yet audibly minimal, showing that an awful lot of thought and effort has gone into the production of this record – this is not a group of moody guys messing around and talking about their problems, this is good solid alternative indie music.

This is music perfectly suited for listening to in a darkened room while you slowly fill with existential dread. There are no fade out cop-outs on this EP, it’s all burn out and no fade away, reminding you that nothing lasts so just shut up and enjoy it while you can.

Reviewed for the Insomnia Radio Daily Dose (21/03/09)


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