Reviewed: In Isolation – ‘The Wrong Girl’

26 Mar

New Wave for the Noughties

In Isolation are a four-piece from Nottingham, UK, who have created an interesting indie sound which tips its hat to the post-punk sounds of the 80s, with their debut track ‘The Wrong Girl’. It’s a damn catchy song which keeps you interested throughout with clever lyrics, subtle guitar licks and a good breakdown in the middle, complete with echoey backing vocals and a refreshingly non-predictable guitar solo.

With generous handfuls of punchy guitars, synthy backing and crisp, clear vocals you can hear the new wave influence, but it’s not direct – it’s like they’ve ransacked the 80s and pilfered its best bits, whilst adding their own modern indie sound.

In Isolation are playing a number of gigs around Nottingham over the next few months (check their myspace for details), and as I currently hang my hat in that very city, I personally can’t wait! See you there guys.

Found on Jamendo (free download!), picked for Insomnia Radio: UK


One Response to “Reviewed: In Isolation – ‘The Wrong Girl’”

  1. In Isolation April 9, 2009 at 11:18 am #

    Cheers for the review, Sarah. 🙂

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