Reviewed: Christophe Marc – The Funny Fall

5 Apr

The track ‘Here is the City (Chicago)’ is featured on the Insomnia Radio Daily Dose 06/04/09

The Funny Fall is a truly beautiful record. It delivers intense, moody songs whilst maintaining an elegant simplicity, and has emotional depths that plunge you headfirst into a warm, pensive state which shifts in and out of darker territory as the album moves along. With vocals reminiscent of Ian McCulloch of Echo and the Bunnymen and sometimes even Bowie, Christophe Marc achieves an impressive feat for a man who hails from Nantes, France – one could almost be forgiven for thinking that this is a classically English offering, such is Marc’s eloquent vocal delivery.

The whole album is excellent, but for me there are a few stand-out songs. ‘In The Morning’ tells a simple, melancholic tale of a one night stand with very few lyrics, but those few speak volumes. ‘Here Is The City (Chicago)’ is a very Bowie-esque song with wonderful echoey vocals and discordant, and disorientated music which transport you to a strange, unfamiliar city in which you feel you don’t quite belong. The banjo twangs that introduce ‘Yes I Will’ lead into a distorted, introspective song that is heavy of heart, but then suddenly and surprisingly uplifting before delving back into the darkness.

In an unusual ending, the album’s title track consists of 45 seconds of atmospheric, minimalist sounds, which play for you whilst the record melts gently away..

In all, this is a spectacular effort from an artist who really should be bigger than he is, so that he might dazzle a wider audience with his diverse, emotive and genuinely interesting music.

Find him at:


Jamendo (where you can download the entire album for free)


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