Live review: Dog Is Dead EP Launch

7 Apr

Dog Is Dead played at The Bodega Social on Tuesday 7 April 2009

Reviewed for (additional: this is the first article I ever wrote for LeftLion!)

Although the majority of the audience which nearly filled the venue made me feel especially old (and I’m not!), Dog Is Dead’s EP launch night at The Bodega Social left me with a manic grin and a shiny new addition to my favourite bands list.

They opened with a tongue-in-cheek, organ-backed rendition of Greig’s Morning, lights low, the crowd hushed in anticipation. Then the lights went up and they exploded into life, catapulting a perfectly formed bolt of saxophone-led indie-pop madness that hit everyone right between the eyes. They had catchy melodies, wonderful three way harmonies – and holy crap these guys can sing, think The Hollies meets The Clash – complex and unpredictable structures and blistering, jazzy saxophone riffs.

Dog Is Dead - photo credit Dom Henry

And they’re ballsy to say the least – cheeky sax solos encased in indie-pop tunes, unabashed audience singalongs, and even a bit of attempted crowdsurfing – but they pulled it all off. They’re young enough to get away with almost anything, but if you didn’t see them you’d never believe their ages such is their musicianship and tight performance.

Standout songs of the night were Boardgames, a song I didn’t quite catch the name of but sounded something like Disco Lips, a brand new track not even their most avid fans had heard, and the spectacular highlight and set closer, Clockwork. I caught up with the band afterwards, and they were quite rightly pretty speechless, saying only that they had a great time and hoped everyone else did too.

Brilliant song writing skills, blindingly engaging live charisma, and a performance that was as tight as a duck’s arse. Combine that with an overall sound that you can’t help but dance to (or at least nod your head to if you’re a mopey twat), and you’ve got a band that are surely destined for great things. And to top it all off, they’re all under 18. Bastards.


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