Reviewed: Her Vanished Grace – Blue

23 Apr

New York based four-piece Her Vanished Grace have created a sound which is really something special with their newest album ‘Blue’. They describe themselves as dream pop (incidentally one of my favouritely named subgenres ever), and mix sweeping guitar-led soundscapes with gorgeous wistful vocals harmonies, inventive textures and a pop-y undercurrent.

The album’s title track, featured on today’s IR Daily Dose, seems to encompass everything that HVG are all about. It’s a dreamy sonic landscape filled with the male-female vocal harmonies that this band use to their full advantage throughout the album, with a gloriously dischordant chorus sandwiched between lulling verses, all played out over a densely layered, guitar-heavy backdrop.

However, don’t think that this song entirely represents their music; the album weaves a tapestry of power pop, indie rock and new wave elements, and is as upbeat as it is pensive.

As a side note, I actually had quite a hard time writing this review, because all I wanted to do was sit back, close my eyes and enjoy the music instead of thinking of clever ways to describe it. I recommend that you get your hands on this record, listen to it whilst lying down in a grassy field on a sunny day, and feel the world melt away beneath you…

Find them on myspace

Featured on the Insomnia Radio Daily Dose 23/04/09


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