Reviewed: MorningSide track ‘Alone In Your Grave’ (advanced listen, album scheduled for release 27/06/09)

1 May

morningside_albumcover_11Philadelphia foursome MorningSide are releasing their second full-length album The Abuse You Own later this year, but here at Insomnia Radio we couldn’t wait that long so we’ve got a sneaky preview for you.

‘Alone In Your Grave’ is a stellar example of what makes melodic indie rock great; hammering guitars, a soaring chorus, and a constant contrast of textures switching from sparse to dense instrumentation all come together to make a well polished, passionate, anthemic tune. Reminiscent of the post-grunge of the early noughties, it has elements of Foo Fighters, some Creed-sounding riffs (except not s**t) and a bit of Bush. Plus, with an unexpected and excellent bit of slide guitar leading into the obligatory solo, MorningSide put a surprising twist on the song and add extra colour to this all-round great track.

It’s got a sound that left me nostalgic for my teenage years and a chorus that stayed with me for hours, so if this song is anything to go by, bring on the album!

‘Alone In Your Grave’ is the Insomnia Radio Daily Dose track for 01/05/09

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