Reviewed: The Winter Sounds – Church of the Haunted South

14 May

The Winter SoundsThe Winter Sounds split their geographical allegiance between Athens, GA and Chicago, two cities both teeming with lovely indie talent. But they’re not content just playing their home towns, oh no. Take a quick peek at The Winter Sounds’ MySpace page and have a gander at their upcoming shows, and you’ll see that they’ve booked up almost every day from now ’til the end of July, and I suspect the only reason it stops July is that MySpace won’t let them display any more dates. They’re planning a fully comprehensive tour of the US throughout this year, with extra dates in Canada and Mexico thrown in so they don’t piss off the neighbours. So I think it’s safe to say that this band love what they do. A LOT. And you can tell with this, their third record, Church of The Haunted South.

The album is an intricate masterpiece, piecing together individually beautiful and unique tracks to create a warming, powerful album full of contrast and intrigue. It combines standard rock instrumentation with electronic elements, giving the record a new-wave feel but with the dreamy vocals and melodic resonance of Doves and other post-prog bands; but descriptions like this really don’t do them justice. It’s atmospheric, epic, and yet at the same time modest with understated but truly accomplished musicianship.

Standout songs of the album are ‘My Trophy Wife’ (Insomnia Radio’s pick for the Daily Dose), a  stunning piece of almost-power-pop that will rock your socks off; ‘O’Fear’, with it’s gorgeous soaring vocal arrangement; ‘Candellight’ for it’s merry, bouncy undercurrent; ‘Autumn Movement’, with a synth hook that will set up camp in your memory and have you singing along for days; and ‘Hope for the Future’, an uplifting track of anthemic proportions. Actually, that’s practically half the album, and the other half is just as good!

If any band deserves success it’s The Winter Sounds, you can almost hear the passion pouring out of their music and they’re willing to put all of their time, effort and everything they have into gigging and promoting their work. Judging by this record they should get everything they’re striving for.

‘My Trophy Wife’ is Insomnia Radio’s Daily Dose track for 14/05/09

Find The Winter Sounds on MySpace and their website


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