Reviewed: Dog is Dead EP

1 Jun

Dog is Dead released their debut self-titled EP in April 2009

Reviewed for Issue 29 of LeftLion Magazine (and my first piece for the printed version of LeftLion!)

Dog Is Dead have successfully secured themselves a place on Nottingham’s ‘keep a bloody close eye on’ list with this, their debut EP. With a brazen mix of indie-flavoured tunes with choppy rhythms, jazzy saxophone, complex textures and endearing lyrics this is an accomplished record by anyone’s standards, but especially so considering their age – they’re all doing their A’ levels next month. It’s refreshingly indefinable, bending the generic indie-pop template almost beyond recognition to incorporate the jazz-fuelled licks and full vocal harmonies that characterise their sound, to create songs that are fun, complicated, and sound something like a collaboration between The Futureheads and Madness.

They’re tight as hell through every song, and with so many unexpected stops, starts, tempo changes and surprise bursts of musical energy it’s a wonder you don’t hear them collapse halfway through the second track! Although the record doesn’t do justice to their explosive live shows – if you get the chance, go and see them play, thank me later – it shows a level of musical maturity that’s well beyond their years whilst maintaining their cheeky youthful charm. This is music that will make even the most cynical listener smile.


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