Reviewed: Morningside – The Abuse You Own

2 Jun

I reviewed a preview track from Morningside’s new album last month, and now the time has come to review the album in full as it’s scheduled for online release in the UK today (02/06/09), and the US release is scheduled for 27/06/09.

I got to know Morningside through a combination of Twitter and the blogosphere, and they are a shining example of a band who know how to use the internet to their advantage. Through a mutual following on Twitter they read an article (this one) that I wrote about free music, blogged it, and when I commented to thank them they offered me some music. From then I submitted a track of theirs to the Insomnia Radio Daily Dose (listen and download here) along with a short review, and now I’ve been sent a copy of the full album, which I’m now going to plug the hell out of to you. Great how the internet works, eh?

Anyway, to the music. Morningside’s approach to self-promotion and networking may be modern but their sound is stone-cold classic, it’s rock for rock’s sake and it works. The Abuse You Own has a definite post-grunge feel to it but with elements which hark back to the vintage rock sounds of the 70s and early 80s. It’s a whole-hearted, foot stompingly rockin’ record but with a melodic undercurrent that lifts it away from sounding too grungy. Add in solid guitar work, some excellent solos and vocals that are passionate and just slightly strained and you’ve got a cracking record, which is just what this has turned out to be.

Listen out for ‘Givin’ It Up’, a good old fashioned classic rock knees-up; ‘Alone In Your Grave’ which was featured on Insomnia Radio’s Daily Dose and is 100% pure rock n’ roll; and ‘Photobooth’, an energetic riff-fest that mixes things up with its varied structure and face-melting guitar solo.

In all, a great offering from a band that knows how to rock. And after hearing this, I definitely want to party with these guys!

The Abuse You Own is available to buy at the iTunes Store, or for retro CDs go to CDBaby! I thoroughly recommend it.

Find Morningside on MySpace and Twitter


3 Responses to “Reviewed: Morningside – The Abuse You Own”

  1. Lisa June 24, 2009 at 10:14 pm #

    Sarah – I think you are sooo right. What a great sound. Spread the word. Do you know when they will be touring the UK?

    • 80hertz July 10, 2009 at 10:45 pm #

      hi lisa! – glad to hear you liked our music! we can’t thank sarah enough for the wonderful (and honest!) review. we’re hoping to set up a small visit to the UK. if we do we will definitely let you know. please drop a line and say hello either on myspace, facebook, or twitter. we’re everywhere!

      FYI: i’m working on some behind the scenes pictures from the recording sessions that i’ll be posting on my blog . they should be up soon!


  2. Sarah Morrison June 25, 2009 at 7:45 am #

    Thanks Lisa, it’s always nice to know that people share my passion for the music I write about 🙂 They’re hoping to come to the UK sometime in the future but no definitive plans as yet. If I hear anything I’ll blog it! Sarah

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