Reviewed: Swimming in Speakers EP

13 Jun

The song ‘In Knowing’, from this EP, is Insomnia Radio’s Daily Dose today (13/06/09)

If New York based duo Swimming in Speakers (multi-instrumentalist Chris Clarke and lead vocalist Meadow Eliz) can do one thing, it’s defy categorisation. In fact, they can do lots of things, including synth-dipped kitchy electro, gentle heart melting acoustic delicacy and trippy vocal-led musical explorations, and all topped with lilting vocals from Eliz that can be haunting, impassioned or whimsical and are always hugely charming. I’m not even going to attempt to label them with genres because honestly I can’t; each song on the EP takes you down a different path that’s always in a stark contrast to the last.

The EP’s leading track ‘In Knowing’ is, at the risk of sounding way over-excited, my idea of a perfect pop song. Full of wholesome synthy goodness, classic Casio cool and Eliz’s swaying, laid back, warbling vocals, as well as being more catchy than swine flu, this song has everything that good pop needs plus the unique style that SiS bring to the table. Among countless other nuances the verses actually have a slight tinge of Bhangra about them, in the vocals at least, which just serves to make this song all the more interesting. I’ve listened to this song about 20 times in the last few days, it’s seriously addictive.

‘In Knowing’ is definitely the standout song of the EP for me, but the rest is definitely worth your time and really shows off the versatility of this exciting new band, and to further entice you you can get the whole thing for FREE from the excellent!

Swimming in Speakers are another band who realise the power of Twitter and use it to their full advantage, and they’re also really nice! Find them as @sistheband.


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