Reviewed: Welcome to the Arboretum (Compilation)

1 Aug

Welcome to the Arboretum is a compilation album featuring independent music from around Nottingham, put out by Arboretum Records. Released May 2009

Reviewed for Issue 30 of LeftLion Magazine

Welcome to the Arboretum is the debut compilation from Nottingham-based record label Arboretum Records, and serves up a heady mix of some of the best musical talent that this great city has to offer. There’s a fair few recognisable Notts favourites mixed in with some less well known artists and some real wildcards. From the new wave revival to the city’s thriving folk movement, through indie rock, soulful singer-songwriters, ska and blissful downbeat grooves, this record represents Nottingham music at its finest and gives an excellent overview of our flourishing music scene.

The only thing it’s missing is some face-melting rock but hey, no one label can cover everything. An excellently constructed compilation, it keeps you hooked right through the double-CD record with every song followed by something unexpected and contrasting, really highlighting how varied the scene is here. After a successful unplugged showcase event at Vienna in May and now with this compilation, Arboretum Records have shown us what they’re made of, and it turns out they’re made of good taste, a good attitude and love for this city.


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