Reviewed: The Kull – Amongst the Trees

1 Oct

The Kull released their second album, Amongst the Trees, in late 2009

Reviewed for Issue 31 of LeftLion Magazine

Dark, slightly sinister and yet oddly uplifting, The Kull’s second full-length release ‘Amongst The Trees’ delivers 10 songs and 42 minutes of melodic, haunting sounds. The much acclaimed purveyors of Nottingham darkwave have produced an intriguing record with the power to live up to their engaging live shows and the depth to envelop you for its duration. From the decadent melancholy of ‘If the walls keep talking’ to the echoey mists of ‘You don’t have to tell me’, the discordant sonic mess of ‘Symptoms’ and the sheer power of the record’s title track, this album shows off The Kull’s multi-faceted musical and emotional range in a collection of songs which fill your ears with their intricate soundscapes.

Andrew Shipley’s vocals float over every track like a spectre, whilst guitars and synths create interwoven melodic mesh that moves from distortion to cleanliness to unearthly and menacing, all on top of constant, powerfully driving bass. The sounds created on this record will enthral and intrigue you as you catch snatches of whispers, lo-fi vocals hidden deep within the music and electronic elements that are barely audible yet all combine to form their uniquely complex noise. You will get something new from this record with each listen, and it will grow on you slowly but tenaciously after its initial impact. An excellently constructed, executed and produced album that is sure to bring The Kull the recognition they are deserving of.


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