Live review: The Swiines

18 Nov

The Swiines played at Rescue Rooms on Friday 13 November 2009

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In a thumping throwback to the glory days of 90s Brit Pop with deft brushes of modern indie rock, the Swiines took the stage at Rescue Rooms on Friday night.

The Swiines

Supporting headliners the Complete Stone Roses, their audience was initially thin on the ground as the sold-out crowd of Madchester fans drank, smoked and swaggered around outside in the beer garden. After one or two songs, however, they began to be drawn in by the Swiines’ driving rhythms, chest-beating bass and attention-grabbing vocals, and by the end of their set the Nottingham rockers had amassed a very healthy-sized rabble.

With a pounding mix of upbeat, sometimes fleetingly dark indie rock and intense energy they performed in the true spirit of classically British rock ‘n’ roll; no silly antics and no pissing about, just pure rock and attitude. Frontman Scott Bugg held the audience with agressive vocals and unfazed confidence, whilst frantic lead guitar cut through the reverb and the heavy, driving bass and drums. They had a pleasing air of arrogance about them that didn’t hint at pretense, which made them all the more enjoyable, but you could see a smattering of smiles flitting across their faces as they watched the room fill up.

Whilst it wasn’t a school night unfortunately I had to trot off before seeing the headliners, but I left with my appetite for rocking goodness well and truly satiated for the week by these swaggering, ballsy Swiines.


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