Live review: Hello Thor’s Christmoustache Party

12 Dec

We Show Up On RadaR, Fists and Hot Horizons played at Hello Thor’s Christmoustache Party at The Chameleon on Saturday 12 December 2009

Reviewed for

“Welcome to Thor’s Cave… Tonight it’s decorated with baubles and fairy lights”.

After a greeting and introduction from one of Thor’s mustachioed minions, Andy Wright (AKA We Show Up On RadaR) took to the Chameleon’s floor. Andy’s sets are always a lovely mellow treat full of music to dream to, and he kicked off the ‘tache-tastic proceedings with subdued, blissful tones. Christening the evening with his latest single Mountain Top (a single, we were informed by Thor, that was picked by ArtRocker as one of the top 100 singles of the year, and it comes on pink vinyl too!), he immediately instilled the room with his inimitable sense of quiet English whimsy and charm.

Apart from a flourished discarding of his impressive novelty ‘tache halfway through the song, he lulled the audience effortlessly into a quiet and calm appreciative state. He followed with his single’s B-side Spider On a Thread, it’s lilting chorus borrowed from the classic Que Sera Sera and a gorgeously sparse arrangement of barely-plucked guitar strings and tentative, heartfelt vocals delivering a beautiful few minutes of vaguely tragic yet inherently uplifting folk. Finishing off a short but wonderful was a cover of Blue Christmas, a perfectly fitting melancholic ode to the season from one of Nottingham’s finest and most unique folkeys.

Next came about as extreme a change of pace as you could find, in the form of chaotic rockers Fists. Sounding something like what I’d imagine Pixies would sound like if they started making music today, they were unpredictable, brazen, hilarious and quite honestly bat-shit insane, in the very best possible way. Starting off with smile-inducing rockabilly with distorted vocals, acoustic guitar complimented by crunching, thundering electric guitar and bass with some synths chucked in to make sure they had no hope of sounding ordinary, they see-sawed between intentionally discordant messes and jaunty, melodic tunes. Filling the gaps between each song with great-humoured banter, including a discussion of which band members could take each other in a fight, they were constantly engaging and about as far from mundane as a band could get.

As the evening drew on I felt the pull of the last tram home looming, so unfortunately I had to miss what I expect was an equally excellent set from Hot Horizons, but nonetheless thoroughly enjoyed my evening in Thor’s Cave.


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