Reviewed: Mas Y Mas – La Bala

1 Feb

Mas Y Mas released their third album La Bala in early 2010

Reviewed for Issue 33 of LeftLion Magazine

La Bala, the third record from cross-cultural musical Conquistadors Mas Y Mas is a deliciously rich mixture of Latin rhythms, sensual rumba and flamenco styles and fiery vocals. The album is wonderfully against the grain compared to any other music coming from Nottingham, no doubt due to its recording location – the Notts trio travelled to Havana in Cuba to collaborate with a host of local Cuban musicians and artists, in order to create a record that encapsulated the essence of ‘Mestizo’ (Hispanic-rooted music which crosses into many other cultural and musical territories). In this respect they have succeeded and more, having created a truly unique, warm and inviting record. Travelling through a far-ranging spectrum of Latin-influenced styles and encompassing a cornucopia of instrumentalists and guest artists, La Bala quite reflects the travels made on the road to its creation and the efforts made to capture the music and attitudes of Cuban life.

Sung almost entirely in Spanish, never before has a record made me want to learn a whole new language in order to fully appreciate it. But even if, like me, you lack skills en Español, the sensuous nature of the vocals and the gorgeous flow of the lyrics make it still a joy to listen to. The overall feel of this record is one of unity, collaborations and connections, and just begs to be enjoyed in the company of friends; so cook up some delicious food, get some booze in, invite everyone you know and enjoy this sensuous, warm Latino record.


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