Reviewed: We Show Up On RadaR – A Loaf Of Bread, A Container Of Milk, And A Stick Of Butter

1 Apr

We Show Up On RadaR (AKA Andy Wright) released his second EP in early 2010

Reviewed for Issue 34 of LeftLion Magazine

If you need some convincing that there is still some good in the world, look no further than this record. With the follow up to last year’s single ‘Mountain Top’, Andy Wright (the man behind WSUOR) has lovingly pieced together an EP from such gloriously uplifting elements that it’s impossible to come away from listening to it with any less than a contented smile and a tingle on your arm hair. It is a trickling stream of experimental folk-pop with an undercurrent of electronica and an unmatchable whimsical charm. The subject matter spans love, relationships and heartbreak; stories told almost as if through the eyes of a child, with Wright’s classically English, endlessly delicate voice lilting through every song like a comforting, sage character who explains the ways of the world in the gentlest possible way. For me, the lyrical feel of the EP is encompassed in a line from ‘A Spider on a Thread’: “When I said I didn’t need you, I might’ve lied a little bit”.

Musically, the record is led throughout by acoustic guitar, intricately intertwined with synths and keyboards, unusual electronic clicks and pops, vocal harmonies and tuned percussion to create a unique fusion of simple folk and contemporary electronica. To say that this is a carefully produced record would be an understatement; you can hear the love and time that has been spent creating each one of these tracks, building each one into a mini aural marvel. Buy this EP and treat your ears and mind to some charming, unique and just ruddy lovely treats.


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