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Overhaul in progress – Miss Morrison’s Mix podcast coming soon!

14 May

This blog will soon become the home of my soon-to-be monthly music podcast. Still the same excellent independent music from across the globe, still the same fanatical promotion and album reviews, but now in a handy mp3-shaped snack!

Stay tuned for updates…

p.s. For anyone who came here via the wordpress.com address, I now own a bit of the tubes! Type in missmorrisonsmix.com. Go on, I dares ya.


Coming soon: Miss Morrison, host of Insomnia Radio New York!

22 Jun

That’s right folks, I’ll soon be vibrating your eardrums as Insomnia Radio‘s newest regional podcast host!

I really can’t tell you how excited I am about this and what a huge honour it is to be able to become part of the Insomnia Radio family, and being able to cover such an awesome region is such a bonus.

I know I don’t exactly live in the area(!) but I’m going to do my absolute best to represent the independent music of New York in all its varied and eclectic glory, so any comments/suggestions/submissions will be greatly appreciated! I could also do with some spies on the ground, so any New Yorkers in the audience (or anyone else for that matter) feel free to hit me with an email at sarah[at]insomniaradio.net.

My first episode should be available in the next couple of weeks, so keep your internets locked on Insomnia Radio – killing your FM one podcast at a time.

Guest Editorial on Wander Radio 109.9 Almost on your Radio Dial

3 Jun

Just a quick thank you to Jack at Wander Radio for featuring an audio version of my ‘free music’ article on episode 40 of his podcast!

You can listen to it here

It’s a fantastically interesting podcast, covering everything from audiobooks to indie music and audio dramas, and has some great bumpers and spoof-commercials. Give it a listen!